Building Your YouTube Views and YouTube Subscriber Base

Marketing through videos has been around for some time now and will probably always be around as people are inclined to watch a video as opposed to reading a document or even going to a website generally.

That is why a person needs to have, for their YouTube channel, both subscribers as well as viewers on their videos. YouTube subscribers increase the value of your channel in the eyes of YouTube as well as Google and thus you get a better placement in the rankings when you have a large number of YouTube subscribers as opposed to the competitor that might not have very many subscribers on their YouTube channel. That of course, is it all other things are equal.

Also a video can be propelled up in the search engine rankings of both YouTube and Google if the video has a decent amount of views. YouTube views are important again because that shows YouTube that others value your video and, if others value it, then YouTube

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Youtube Views

also considers it a quality video. There’s no way YouTube can look at every video and rankings based on their own personal feelings or thoughts, so they have to rely in part on the views the video gets.

There is no magical number of views for your video that will propel you to the very top of the search engines but you certainly need to have them or else your video will look like an orphan and YouTube will think a whole lot of the quality of your video if nobody else does.

So does that mean you are dead in the water if for some reason your videos not getting exposure? Not at all. You see there are services that offer views for your videos and subscribers for your YouTube channels that will make your channel on YouTube as well as your videos on YouTube look superior to those that do not have YouTube visitors and subscribers to their YouTube channel.

Many people use services such as QQtube to increase their YouTube views. A service such as that makes it very simple and very easy as you’ll get a ton of activity to your YouTube videos for a very small price and the views to your videos will look extremely natural. One of the important things to do when you are getting views to your videos is to have the views appear natural and not as though they are coming from some bot or other tool.

In fact, anytime you do anything in order to manipulate the search engine rankings, whether it’s on videos, YouTube channels, or even your own websites is important that everything done looks natural and is done in a random manner. If all of a sudden you have this flurry of activity on your videos it could be a problem if the visitors do not appear natural to YouTube. But you need those visitors so what you do is make an arrangement with a service that will give you those kinds of visitors in a natural looking environment.

Now your channel on YouTube absolutely need subscribers because otherwise the views will look unnatural. It is very common for somebody on a video sites such as YouTube to subscribe to a channel when they appreciate the videos that they see. Typically if a person puts out one good video and has a bunch of others then some of those others, at the very least, are going to be interesting to you as well. Subscribing to that channel will increase the odds that you will be looking at the other videos that are produced by the person who owns the channel.

But people don’t always want to be the first one to subscribe. And people on YouTube, as well as many other social networks, follow the crowd and if you have a lot of subscribers that will cause other people to subscribe naturally. It’s a strange thing but that’s exactly how it works in many situations. People are just into the mob mentality when it comes to that sort of thing. So if you start off by buying a bunch of subscribers to start building momentum odds are you’ll have many others subscribe just because of that. And then you may very well see your videos start to show up higher and higher in search engine rankings on YouTube as well as in Google.

YouTube views and YouTube channel subscribers are one of the most important things you need if your marketing via YouTube videos.