Cheap Youtube Video Views Can Help Rank Your Video

When a person is marketing on YouTube in order to drive traffic to their sites or to take advantage of the advertising opportunities that YouTube offers they need YouTube views to accomplish either one of those with a positive and result.

But YouTube views don’t just appear automatically; a person has to get the videos in front of people and one way to do that is to buy cheap YouTube video views. Now that may sound silly to some but it makes an awful lot of sense in the you tube marketing world. Just like success breeds success so do views breed views.

You see the way it works is Joe blow puts up a video that could be found it interesting by a whole lot of people but nobody sees it because it does not show up anywhere organically. So Joe then shares in his Facebook account, tweets it out to his Twitter followers, post on Instagram and Pinterest and yet still finds out that is not going viral.

So what’s Joe to do?

Joe has to build momentum as well as get the video ranked in the search engines. One way to do that is to find a supplier that provides cheap YouTube video views as that will help him build momentum and would also be a part of how one can rank a video on YouTube as well as in Google. The momentum he builds with the low cost YouTube views will then be seen by others. People will come along and see that his video has been viewed thousands of times and thus believe that the video has value and will watch it naturally.

The search engines, cheap youtube video viewsincluding both Google and YouTube’s search engine, are also “tricked” into thinking there is value there as many people have been watching Joe’s video. The algorithms they use take into account how many times a video has been viewed and use that as part of where they believe the video should show up when people are searching for a person’s particular keyword or keyword phrase. Of course there are other aspects of the algorithm taken into account, and probably thousands of aspects, but one of the core aspects is YouTube views.

So Joe lays out a new plan; he now decides to create a new video using similar keywords and will build some search engine optimization into the process. He has a brand-new video made that’s completely unique from the previous one. He optimizes the keywords in the title, the tags and the body for that YouTube video. Then, he finds a supplier for quality cheap YouTube video views and buys 5000 views to be drip fed over a period of a month.

Joe’s new plan is much better than his old plan because the video views will help get him ranked. But Joe doesn’t stop there. He has the videos back linked by using processes from some of the services that are out there to give him thousands of back links and helped propel him to the front page of Google for his keywords and keyword phrases.

Joe also sees his videos start to show up on the first page in YouTube’s search engine algorithm. Lo and behold now that his video is in highly significant places is starting to get organic views. More and more people are watching his videos because they show up on the first page of Google and because they show up on the first page of YouTube search engine and because many other people have watched it previously.

Remember momentum breeds momentum and success breeds success.

Joe’s video now not only has momentum but the visitors that are watching it by clicking his links and making you money and he is also successful at what he tried to do and all because he bought a base of cheap YouTube video views.

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